Monday, 30 January 2012

Thai fish cakes, the easy way

I must confess, the title is a little misleading because you'd have to try really hard to make fish cakes complicated. In fact, I Googled "complicated fish cakes"*, and apart from people making comments along the lines of "these can be really complicated, but here's an easy route", I've not found any complicated recipes. I did like the look of this one, and I'll have to delve in to the blog a little more if this is anything to go by. However, I digress.

As you'll see below, I didn't even manage to take a photo of them before I started eating, but that's just me getting overexcited.

To make these little beauties, all you need is:
  • Some tuna
  • some Thai curry paste (though not too much, unless you like chilli more than fish, in which case, here's a link for you)
  • some breadcrumbs
These are all things that I keep in stock all the time anyway. The tuna is there mainly to appease Resident Moggy when we've abandoned her for a few days, Thai curry paste lives forever, whatever the label says, and every time I get an unwanted heel of bread I stuff it in the blender and freeze it. So you could argue that this was free. You'd be wrong, naturally, but you could.

As far as making them goes, mush them all together in a bowl and form in to patties. Fry them in sesame oil. That's it.

The noodle salad you see with it was easy too - stir fry some savoy cabbage, add some ribboned carrots very late on, some noodles and a dressing. In keeping with the Thai theme, the dressing was made from fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and lime juice.

The whole thing was on the table in about 20 minutes - probably the longest job is making the carrot ribbons, but it's well worth it. Bon appetit!

* a trawl through my internet searches since starting this blog would make for interesting reading in itself. "Insane chilli recipes" and "complicated fish cakes" are not phrases I ever thought I would write.


  1. J, The solution to your ribbons problem is one of these They are grate! Ahem, sorry.

    My fingers are a little shorter than they used to be but basically, I've never looked back.

  2. Now that looks like something I may have to invest in!