Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What to do with the old trout?

The trout that was nearly out of date, that is. Smoked trout, all the way from Orford. I was going to opine that it couldn't possibly have been sourced locally, and that I was breaking my own rules due to the fact that it was only processed locally. But then I looked at the website, and it seems that sea trout are quite common off Orford. Who knew? None of you, I'll wager, but you do now, which should make you all feel better about yourselves.

About an hour after I cooked up this little lot, a message came through from my previous post suggesting smoked trout on a bed of braised chard with a poached duck egg. Well, my dear Charlotte, it seems I beat you to it, though I steamed the chard and boiled the eggs. So maybe I didn't. Maybe I should have waited an hour and I would have been overjoyed with the results. In the event, I didn't wait, and was merely delighted.

Delighted, that is, because it was frankly quite random, but it seems to have worked. Smoked trout is one of those things I don't have very often, because Local (National) Supermarket doesn't often stock it. Which just goes to show how I should look a bit harder for my dinner, and Suffolk will prevail. (That's not something you get to say often - "Suffolk will prevail" - unless you're referring to an inter-county competition for the worst rail line in to London.)

So that's smoked trout (local) with duck eggs (local), chard (local), cucumber (local) olives (unlikely to be local unless my barren olive trees in the garden ever decide to get their arses in gear, assuming they have arses) and honey mustard dressing (distinctly unlocal, as it came from Lidl). Not bad, eh?

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  1. Looks most delicious. I'm a big fan of smoked trout, and smoked mackerel. Also goes lovely on a sort of faux-nicoise salad with new potatoes, salady stuff, green beans and boiled eggs. And olives, if you like that sort of thing.